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  • images (1)NS Debt is a brokers financial company which deals with debt restructuring, mediation, we specialize in debt. We are with A.D.R (Alternative dispute resolution Agents) generally is classified into at-least four types: Mediation, Collaborative Law and arbitration. We can settle without this party we negotiate without court.
  • Ns Debt Management (Pty) Ltd is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, licensed to provide Commercial and Personal short term debts under the FSP License Reg No: 2012/168989/07
  • Our Mission is to ensure to restructure your debt in such a way to enable you provide for your family and save money each month.
  • Our Vision is to grow our company all over the country with excellence in providing better financial assistance and debt counselling to our customers.

Debt Management

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Debt management is a personal skill, developed through personal responsibility. It requires a mild knowledge of finance and a strong knowledge of planning. Debt can be useful or overwhelming, and debt management will determine that outcome.

The first step in debt management is to pay the bills. No matter what, bills should always be paid at least in their minimum balances. If any debt has accrued, the severity of the debt will be increased if bills are not paid because interest rates are likely to be raised in response to a poor credit rating. A credit rating is kept in pristine condition when bills are always paid on time and in adequate amounts.

However, debt reduction is not always easy. Fortunately, programs such as debt consolidation exist which allow people to make personal discipline easier. Debt consolidation programs often negotiate with credit companies for lower interest rates or payments, and they pull all debts into one, easily managed debt. Often people get lost in the shuffle of bills and eventually end up missing a payment due to poor organization. Debt consolidation not only assists debtors with the credit side of the equation, but also the personal discipline issue.

Debt management is a matter of discipline. In order to become debt free it is useful to learn debt management skills and the options available to you.

Debt Management Plan

A debt management plan or a DMP is an effective tool that is used by debtors to get out of debt. It is the primary guideline for anyone who enrolls their credit accounts in a debt management program. In fact, it is one of the first things that you will do upon enrollment – something that the debt counselor will teach you to do. It is what the counselor will show to the creditors and to gain their approval. But what exactly does a DMP contain?

First of all, this plan contains all your debts – at least those that you enrolled in the program. There are debts that cannot be helped by debt management like secured loans. If you have mostly credit card debt or other personal loans, then this can be enrolled in the program.With regards to the truthfulness of your details, you need to be honest about how much you can afford to pay towards each debt. Anything higher may compromise the whole plan. If you cannot commit to it because you cannot afford the plan in the first place, then you may end up with more debt problems than when you started. The appeal of debt management is there because is one of the debt relief options that is credit score friendly.